You CAN. End of story.
you can end of story

You can. Whatever’s on your heart, whatever dream inspires you… You CAN. End of Story. Fear is just a feeling baby, and if you are willing to be uncomfortable you can do ANYTHING. Watch the video, leave a comment then go do that thing you’ve always wanted to do! You got this. Need guidance, accountability + […]

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Don’t Stop, Get It, Get It!

You are so close! Don’t stop, keep taking action toward your goals, your dreams, that inspiration on your heart. We want to see you SHINE. We want you to share your gifts with us.  Create, express, keep taking action. Here’s a little INSPO from my retreat to Joshua Tree: You were born for this.  You […]

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How to know what your life PURPOSE is ?❤️
life purpose

“What’s my life purpose?” If you’re like my clients, then this question has absolutely crossed your mind. Most of us desire to live a more meaningful life, are curious to uncover what we were born for + seek to live a life of purpose. If you’re also like my clients, then you’ve wondered how to […]

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The real reason I left Bali after 3 years..

This is the most important message I’ve ever shared… And the most terrifying to share. So please, I’ll keep the writing short, just watch the video, then share it with anyone who may need to hear these insights. P.S. As of writing this blog, I have space in my 1 on 1 coaching.  Message me […]

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OWN your Power
own your power

Own your power. Most of us are giving our power away on the daily.  Then we wonder why we’re not living the life we say we want to live. My client went from 60k to 90k / year within our 6 weeks of coaching — when she owned her power. BOOM. When we believe it’s […]

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The #1 Reason People Fail

Failure is perspective. And in a way it’s a choice.  Because true failure is not trying.  Or giving up. I’ve found that it’s really only ONE thing we need to do, in order to NOT fail.     You got this! Xx Kirsten  

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You have a CALLING
You have a calling

You have a calling. Do you remember what you came here to do? When you signed up for this life – when the energy that’s inside your body, that bright beaming light, your soul, CHOOSE THIS – do you remember why? ? You were born for something. Do you know your purpose here?  ??  Or […]

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Moving to USA
moving to usa

I’m moving to USA. After 3 years in Bali. Moving to USA happened so fast, and surprised me a bit. But it comes down to this: My gut knows best. Always. We can make decisions from our head, our heart, or our gut. When I moved to Bali [here’s WHY I moved to Bali] my heart + […]

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You KNOW the TRUTH by the way it feels ??❤️?
the truth

The truth has a vibration that resonates with us. Untruths feel icky to us.  Whether we consciously notice it or not – lies just don’t feel right. We know the truth by the way it feels. Here’s two ways you can check in with what the truth is:     Xx Kirsten P.S. Message me if you […]

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?? When was your last GODGASM ??⚡️

Godgasm. That feeling inside you. The chills.  Goosebumps.  Goosies as my Aussie friends say. It’s the GODGASM. It’s our spirits shining bright.  It’s the energy of the Universe flowing through us.  It’s when we are connected to something grater than ourselves. What makes YOU Godgasm?  What were YOU designed for?   When was your last […]

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You Are Being Guided!
mic check

You are SO being guided. I know it.  You know it.  Deep down we absolutely know it. But our minds can get in the way.  We convince ourselves that we’re alone.  Or that there’s not a force of the universe flowing through everything including us. In this video I share with you how I know for sure. […]

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Why you’re STUCK or blocked ?

It’s YOU! You are the only thing that can stop you. You are the only one who can decided to do stuff that doesn’t light you up. You are the only one who can avoid getting clear on what brings meaning to your life. So STOP! Stop stopping yourself. Stop blaming other people. Stop waiting […]

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Healing Emotional Wounds – Myofascial Release
Healing Emotional Wounds

Healing emotional wounds frees our system of toxins. And physical pain.  And disease.  And injury. Emotions are energy. We cannot truly deny our emotions – they don’t just disappear.  So regardless of how much alcohol, shopping, sex, internet or food we try to numb them with, that energy, our emotion has to go somewhere. Unfelt emotions get stored deep […]

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How To Heal Toxic Shame
heal toxic shame

Toxic shame – what can we do about it?  [click here for What is Toxic Shame] We can heal toxic shame by radically accepting ourselves. This means everything.  Including feelings.  Yep. Most of us are in constant avoidance of our feelings.  We smoke, grab our phones, drink, exercise, work…  We are running from our feelings […]

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What is Toxic Shame
what is toxic shame

Toxic shame – what is it? And… How do you know if YOU have toxic shame? Toxic shame is deeply internalized shame.  And shame is essentially believing something is wrong with us.  So guilt is what I did was bad and shame is I am bad. When we grow up in alcoholic or dysfunctional homes we tend […]

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