How to Keep Your Heart Open
How to keep heart open

Is it safe to keep your heart open? How could it not be? All of us carry heart wounds (having been dumped, left, abandoned, betrayed…) & as such have learned to close our hearts for protection.  But that emotional process lacks logic.  I mean, how could closing off a source of energy actually protect us? It’s not […]

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Sannyasa: Life as Meditation

My two month long stay at the Osho Meditation Resort in India is coming to an end this weekend. It’s bittersweet. I’m sad to go & yet excited to return to Bali after 5 months of traveling. This “Buddha Field” has sufficiently triggered me, bringing up all the emotions I typically prefer not to feel.  It’s been […]

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India: Finding Calm in Chaos
Calm Chaotic India

Toxic exhaust fumes and constant horns pollute the air, panhandlers chase you for blocks (“we don’t want your money, buy us food” which is kinda a scam they have worked out with the market) and prices are on a scale perhaps depending upon some other scam-factor. India is maddening. I arrived Friday, and in an off-season […]

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TEDxUbud & Inner Peace

I love TED talks. And after working through a public speaking phobia I love speaking.  One of my dreams is to speak at a TEDx event. I even used speaking at TEDx as an example in my How to Manifest video from 2012.. So you can imagine my excitement yesterday morning when I was getting ready to go […]

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How to be Present
Final Thoughts from Bali

I took a 2 hour I-Ching course in Ubud, Bali & had brunch with the teacher afterwards. While we were eating, the teacher said the simplest yet most profound thing.  He blew my mind. “THIS is life.“ Yep, this is life. THIS – what is happening right now – is life. I knew that.  Right?! […]

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The Power of Metta Loving Kindness
Metta Loving Kindness

Would you like to be more kind toward yourself? Want to increase self-love? Awesome, I’ve got the perfect practice for you in the video below! Metta or Loving Kindness meditation allows you to increase self-love and love of others by opening your heart. It will even increase your love for irritating or difficult people! You […]

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