Healing Emotional Wounds – Myofascial Release
Healing Emotional Wounds

Healing emotional wounds frees our system of toxins. And physical pain.  And disease.  And injury. Emotions are energy. We cannot truly deny our emotions – they don’t just disappear.  So regardless of how much alcohol, shopping, sex, internet or food we try to numb them with, that energy, our emotion has to go somewhere. Unfelt emotions get stored deep […]

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How To Heal Toxic Shame
heal toxic shame

Toxic shame – what can we do about it?  [click here for What is Toxic Shame] We can heal toxic shame by radically accepting ourselves. This means everything.  Including feelings.  Yep. Most of us are in constant avoidance of our feelings.  We smoke, grab our phones, drink, exercise, work…  We are running from our feelings […]

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What is Toxic Shame
what is toxic shame

Toxic shame – what is it? And… How do you know if YOU have toxic shame? Toxic shame is deeply internalized shame.  And shame is essentially believing something is wrong with us.  So guilt is what I did was bad and shame is I am bad. When we grow up in alcoholic or dysfunctional homes we tend […]

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5 Insights From 5 Years Sober
5 years sober

[Edit] I’m SEVEN!  And I’m editing this to share the 2 most significant insights I’ve gained over the past 2 years since writing about 5 insights from 5 years sober. 7.  It’s safe to LOVE I didn’t consciously realize it but my heart was afraid to love.  It didn’t feel safe to open.  And now […]

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