Climb out of the bucket!

Do the people around you have a crab in the bucket mentality?

Or worse yet… Do you?

The essence of the crab mentality is, “If I can’t have it, you can’t either!”  For the crabs – this devious attitude is fatal.  Whenever one gets the courage to try to climb out of the bucket, the other’s will pull him back down.

Unfortunately, humans do this too.

This mentality threatens our dreams & kills our goals.  

It can be challenging enough to believe in yourself when reaching toward big goals.  You certainly don’t need people holding you back.  So be mindful of the crab mentality, especially when spending time in competitive environments.

These crabs may not even realize they are trying to pull you back down!

Leave a comment below about what dream you are climbing out of the bucket for & are committing to not letting any crabs interfere with.

Love Kirsten