Imagine working 44 years at the same company.

Maybe that’s not so far-fetched if it was your dream job, right?

That’s what my Dad just did.

He went to college for journalism, nailed a job with the local paper when he was 22, and kept on truckin’ until he retired this week. Wow.

Okay – so these days that’s a rarity – but it got me thinking…  Most of us spend about 2,000 hours per year working. That’s 20,000 hours per decade.  Or about 88,000 hours in my Dad’s case.

Yet a lot of us don’t give ourselves the time to gain the clarity on what our passion is — or what contribution or legacy we want to leave through our work.

What do you want to spend your next 2,000 hours working on?

What is worth your energy & life force? What were you born to do? Whether we get clear and take action toward our dream or not, we will be spending those 2,000 hours doing something. Which will turn into 20,000 hours and then 88,000 hours…

So why not choose?

If you’re not living your dream life – and you’d like to – let’s talk. All we need is the courage to live a life true to ourselves (and NOT what others expect of us!) along with guidance & accountability.

But most people don’t do this – in fact, not having lived a life true to themselves is the #1 regret of the dying.

I can help.

If you’re ready to create & live your future badass dream life, click here.

Our passions give us clues to our dream job. But unfortunately a lot of us have lost touch with our passions. Or never paid attention to them. Or believed we couldn’t afford to. So this makes considering what our “dream life” or “dream job” is near impossible.

First uncover your passions.  

dream job
With my Dad on his last day of work.

I just flew from Bali to California to attend my Dad’s retirement party – and went with him to his last day of work for our final Bring-Your-Daughter-To-Work-Day. 

When I’d go to work with him as a kid, I’d spend hours in the newsroom drawing up mock newspapers, complete with stories and pictures. I LOVED doing this. Flash forward to this past year – while mocking up my current website – it dawned on me that I’d been doing this since I was a kid, way before the internet.

What activity do you get so engrossed in that you lose a sense of time and blissfully flow?

Often this leads us to uncover our passions. Another passion of mine is guiding people through fear and towards their dream life.

Because watching other people light up & live lives overflowing with joy lights me up!

dream job
44 years of living his dream job completed!

This is the contribution I want my work to leave – I want to bear witness to people living up to their potential & enjoying life. This is what I hope to be smiling about (and high-fiving about) on my last day of work.

I love witnessing people believe in themselves & love (the shit out of) themselves.

So I invite you to consider what your dream job is – what will you want to be high-fiving about on the day you retire?

Otherwise, you’ll likely be spending 80,000+ hours on someone else’s dream. And is that really what you want your life to be about?

Life is short – why not live your dream?

I am so inspired by my Dad & hope that his 88,000 hours of passionate dream work inspire you too. Start by taking a moment to consider what your passions are & leave them in the comment below. You got this.



Love Kirsten