Dance, laugh, play. Express yourself.Shakti Kirsten Johnson

We can spend so much time concerned about what other people think of us. We sacrifice experiencing the joy of living authentically and lose touch with who we really are.  All under the (often unconscious) intention of trying to please others, fit in, or be accepted and approved.

But who wants to approve the person who’s seeking approval?

Authenticity is sexy.

I think the most attractive thing ever is someone being themselves. It’s real.

When I made the final decision in moving to Bali something unexpected happened. An energetic weight was lifted off of me – the weight of caring what others think of me.  Well, I still care a little about what you think, don’t get me wrong… There’s always a little more to let go, more room for growth.

I was hit with a rush of freedom flowing through my body thinking, “It doesn’t matter what neighborhood I live in, what brand of yoga clothes I’m wearing, where I eat meals…”  The crazy thing is I hadn’t consciously realized that it had been mattering to me!

With nothing to lose I had more of myself to give. 

I began to tell the people I love, that Shakti Kirsten JohnsonI love them.

Basically I could see that my image was based on outside influences. I was seeking my culture’s approval & wanting to  be accepted. In doing this, I was rejecting myself. And leaving the culture made it all disappear in a quick poof. But that poof can happen consciously, we don’t have to move to wake up.

Express yourself.

Since then I’ve been pleasantly surprised with the joy of expressing myself for me. It’s been pretty wild actually. Apparently there was an inner hippie dying to come forth.

The more I am me, the more fun I am having.

And ironically, the more I am me, the more I am accepted.

I hear people around town talking about the cliques in Ubud, Bali and how they either don’t like them, don’t feel a part of or judge them in some way. I hear what they are saying, there are definitely yogis, healers, ashram / Guru devotees, groups centered around restaurants and even a Feather Tribe. I don’t see these as cliques.

I don’t experience a division. I am a part of it all.

I go where I feel like going. Kinda like a local gypsy LOL.

I always liked how when Mara challenged Golden Buddha Wat TraimitBuddha under the Bodhi tree with “Even if you find the truth, who do you think will believe you?” and Buddha put one hand on Mother Earth and replied, “The Earth will bare witness.”

I feel like I am finding my truth. I am shedding what’s not me and getting into what is me.  For now, I belong to the Earth.

I am expressing myself.

Express yourself in the comments below!

What would you do more of or less of if nobody was watching? How could you express yourself more? Share it below Xx

Love Kirsten