Toxic shame – what can we do about it?  [click here for What is Toxic Shame]

We can heal toxic shame by radically accepting ourselves.

This means everything.  Including feelings.  Yep.

Most of us are in constant avoidance of our feelings.  We smoke, grab our phones, drink, exercise, work…  We are running from our feelings but there is nowhere safe to run to.  Because our feelings are inside of us.  Buried deep.

To heal toxic shame we must feel.

This is likely the old stuff from our childhoods.  I know, I know…  But it’s inside us already, coating everything we do, driving us to be maniacs…  So may as well pull on the big girl / big boy pants and be a human.

Humans feel.

It’s not a big deal.  Really, they are just feelings.  C’mon…



Otherwise it’s like we are carrying around maggots all day pretending they are not there.  Coating them with sugar.  Or alcohol.  Or facebook.

Guys – it’s gross.  Let it go.  Just feeeeeeeeeeeeel.

You can do this.  Just follow the steps in my video.

Love Kirsten



P.S. You are LOVABLE.  Like ridiculously lovable.