Healing emotional wounds frees our system of toxins.

And physical pain.  And disease.  And injury.

Emotions are energy.

We cannot truly deny our emotions – they don’t just disappear.  So regardless of how much alcohol, shopping, sex, internet or food we try to numb them with, that energy, our emotion has to go somewhere.

Unfelt emotions get stored deep inside our body.

The energy gets stored in our fascia.  In adhesions or “knots.”

Fresh blood, oxygen & nutrients cannot get in.  Waste cannot leave.  So it’s literally toxic to our system.

Healing emotional wounds is fun.

In a it hurts so good kinda way.

Plus releasing the tension relaxes the body.



Most humans have patterns of numbing out.  So you probably want to try this.  Especially if you’ve compulsively not felt, like through addiction.

Get that stuff out baby, get free.

Happy healing.


Love Kirsten