I’m no stranger to the dance floor.

It’s a very familiar and comfortable place for me.  I must have clocked thousands of hours in abandoned warehouses during the San Francisco 1990’s rave era.  But this weekend I learned something new, I learned about connection, love & judgement.

This past weekend I went to Sunday Dance Yoga Barn in Ubud, Bali for my first time.  Think yogi hippie ecstatic dance modern daytime barefoot sober rave in a tropical open air yoga studio.  Yep, new concept to me too!  Being the new in town, I felt a bit like I didn’t fit in.  I mean, I don’t have dreadlocks, tattoos, friends (haha)…   Everyone else looked like they were having a great time, dancing around and beaming with love.  Some of them looked stoned on happiness.  Differences aside, it’s time to dance!

I barely just started working out again (post surgery) so almost immediately I was greeted with the feel-good buzz of a much welcomed endorphin rush.  Simultaneously a familiar melody of whistling was being mixed in which triggered a flood of good memories.

My body began to vibrate with intense joy.

“One Sunday Morning” was a party in Sunday Dance Yoga Barnthe 90’s where DJ John Howard spun the original of this track with the whistling sample.  I have rocked out to my cassette tape from that party hundreds of times since and now here I am, on another Sunday Morning, same song.  Joy wet my eyes and a huge smile decorated my face.  My hips were like a pendulum swinging in sync with the beat, completely connecting my body with the music.  My thoughts disappeared; I was in the music.

My inner raver was crying with happiness.

Then my awareness caught the lyrics to this remix,
“We’ve got to give hope.  We’ve got to believe.  We’ve got to receive the love.
We’ve got to give it. We’ve got to live it. Gotta give that Love.”

I started looking around at the community of dancers.
Peace and love to everyone you meet. 
Don’t worry it could be so sweet.”

The lyrics amplified my joy. 

“We are all God’s children.
We are all one.
Be the Love Generation.”

Then came the lyric that burst my joy-filled solo dance bubble “we are all the same.”  All of my judgments of differences suddenly melted and I no longer felt like an outsider.  My energetic boundary had dissolved.  My joy flooded out into the crowd.  I felt joy coming back.  Now I was connected to the music and the other dancers.

We are all the same! 

As the song’s energy was building up, a massive group hug started forming in the middle of the dance floor.  I watched from the sidelines and had no intention of leaving my dance spot.  It was way too hippie-dippie for me.  I could feel the resistance in my body.  But why?

Maybe love scares me.

The old tape of, “I’m not like them,” “I don’t fit in” or “they don’t like me” has got to go.  Excluding myself because of my own judgments is ridiculous.  I’m here for joy!  Not judgments.

This has all been unconscious of course, old stuff.  I want to feel good, I want to feel connected.  Time to steer toward new behavior.

The moment that I feel “a part of” is the moment I decide to join.

It took a few moments to shift, but I Sunday Dance Yoga Barndid it, I grabbed the wheel.  I choose to let go and ran right into the massive sweaty group hippie-dippie hug pile.  I joined the dreadlocks, the tattoos, the shirtless dudes, the yogis.  I joined the love and it was pure ecstasy.

I felt oneness!

I had the youthful carefreeness of a 7 year old.  Our massive oneness love ball started bouncing in a clockwise direction.  I had my left arm around a guy’s sweaty back and right arm wrapped around a yogini.  There were people against my belly and against my back.  We were literally all connected.

I felt deep joy and love.  The lyrics continued, “Share that Love.  Share Hope.  Share Dreams.” 

Our love ball’s energy climaxed along with song’s climax and we sang along, “Be the Love Generation…!!”

The only barrier to connection is the perspective I choose.

My judgments are love blockers.  We are all the same.  We are all connected.  We are all one.

And while I was having an incredibly good time dancing by myself, joining the other dancers shot my joy up exponentially.

I have a new Sunday morning dance floor now and I have a new favorite song.  I joined a new community.

I am going to be a part of the Love Generation.

What do YOU do when you are new or feel like you don’t fit in?

Love Kirsten