You are invited inside my closet.  It will be you, me & a Minimalism Expert!

Ever find yourself struggling to let go of closet2something you know you probably won’t use again?  Do you have a closet filled with clothes you don’t wear?  Boxes or drawers of stuff you don’t use?

Maybe you are sentimental.  Or maybe you’re two seasons away from Hoarders!  

On either end of the spectrum, letting go of your stuffcan be intense – emotions storm when shedding possessions.

The heavy emotions roll through whether the shedding is initiated from de-cluttering, spring cleaning or moving.  The letting go stirs up feelings most of us would rather not feel, feelings like fear, doubt, guilt, overwhelm and uncertainty.

My move out of the country feels like one big letting go.

Enter the need for professional minimalism help!

The climate and lifestyle in Bali is completely different than San Francisco, making most of my stuff and things irrelevant.  The process has required me to examine everything I own and consider its value now & in my desired future, getting beyond my attachment to it.

Let’s just say the process is a bit overwhelming…

But what’s on the other side of letting go?  What would it feel like to have a cleaner home and a clearer mind?  Why would you want to brave these emotions if you didn’t have to, like if you weren’t moving?

Unfortunately our stuff can hold us back from the life we actually want to live.

There is also a relationship between peace of mind and our stuff.

Luckily for us, my dear friend Cary Fortin is a Minimalism and Space Clearing Expert.  She coaches people through space clearing, moving & de-cluttering.  She is the Founder of New Minimalism and generously spent the afternoon in my closet guiding me in the process of releasing the things and stuff that no longer serve me.

And you are invited to join us in my closet!

She asked questions, like Does this thing add value to you life? and What are you ready to step into?

I am letting go of books that I want to read but know I never will.

I’m releasing expensive clothes from a life I no longer live, a life I don’t want to go back to.

I’m donating Grandpa’s stuff.  (ouch!)

Getting honest in this way is tough.’s a reconciliation between my intentions with something and the reality of my life.  Through Cary’s guidance I’ve learned that honesty is the gateway to freedom, lightness & joy — via unpleasant emotions.

Cary’s process first handles the logistics.  She helped me create piles for what I’m taking with me (to Bali), what I’m putting in storage, what I’m selling & what I’m giving away.  I was pretty surprised to feel the attachment I have towards the things she suggested to sell or give away.  Watch the video for her tips & philosophy on how to know what to get rid of and what to keep as well as other gems of space clearing advice:

What possessions no longer add value to your life?  What possessions are creating negative emotions, like you feel badly every time you see them?  Maybe it’s clothes that haven’t fit in a long time, expensive cowboy boots from Texas that you would never actually wear or Grandma’s crocheted doilies.

Spend some time this next week to look at your stuff with this new perspective.

Clinging to stuff blocks the flow of life, it affects us mentally and emotionally.  We think we are gaining security and control when we are actually being weighed down.   It’s hard to be in the moment, in life, when we are surrounded by stuff that is weighing us down.

Letting go is letting life in.

What would you gain by releasing 5 items per week that provided no value to your current life?  What would your life be like if you were surrounded only by things that added value?

Follow Cary’s wisdom, release and be free!  She has a free gift waiting for you at

Leave in the comments what you will be getting rid of this week.  Enjoy the freedom that follows 🙂

Love Kirsten