One of the most powerful things we can do is turn the VOLUME up on our soul.


Listen to what we hear inside, what we FEEL, what we KNOW to be true.


But how, you almost desperately ask, how can YOU do this?


How do you just stop being afraid of what other people think?

How can you start saying yes to your yes'es and no to your no's?


How can you transform your thoughts, the ones saying things like...


It's NEVER going to work.

There's NO WAY you can do this.

What will THEY think?

What if you FAIL?

They will LAUGH at you.

Who do YOU think you are to REALLY GO FOR IT?


Enough with the LIES --- now is your time to RISE.
To truly LIVE.

Your FEELS and THOUGHTS are not meant to be your shackles, strangling your life force.

You're dying to break free,

To. Just. Be. Yourself.

You want to... Follow your heart, honor your spirt, LIVE YOUR SOUL'S TRUTH.


Introducing SOUL TRUTH

A Five Week Journey to Living Fully Expressed


We'll be:

- Transforming your thoughts + shattering limiting beliefs (mindset is everything!)

- Mindful embodiment of your feels so you can be committed AF to your SOUL regardless of which FEELS arise (fear, doubt, resistance..)

- Clarity on your TRUE heart's desires + giving yourself PERMISSION to really go for it

- Turning the volume up on your SOUL, deep dive intuition and tapping into why you are here.

- Speaking your TRUTH


Gain the emotional ninja techniques to skillfully disarm self-sabotage including doubt, fear, overwhelm.

Let now be the time you come out of your shell and quantum leap into your next evolution.

You'll get CLEAR on your TRUTH and practice speaking it in a loving supportive online community.




No more pressing MUTE on your life.


We're gonna BLAST YOUR SOUL'S VOLUME way the fakk up!


So that you could EVOLVE, EXPAND, rise up to live your POTENTIAL.

Five weeks of breaking free from your own SILENCE and living as a watered down version of yourself.

So that you can OWN the TRUTH of who you are and what you came here to do.

Honor your spirit, speak your truth and LIVE aligned with your soul.

Five potent weeks designed to blast you wide open to the new you. The real you. Along side a tribe of like-minded badass souls ALL IN on their next evolution.

You'll be breaking free from your own BS and feeling heard, seen and appreciated for who you really are.


5 week group mentorship program includes:


++ Weekly live group mentorship calls (and the recordings of them!)

++ Online community of like-minded and supportive spiritual badasses

++ Bonus videos, audios and exercises



We start Wednesday March 6th USA time.



Space is limited, grab your seat now for only $497!



Wait, what?? ONLY $497 USD?

I haven't offered something this low priced in years!


But my soul has spoken...


I feel CALLED AF to share this transformative work with you at this crazy low price point.





Now there really are no excuses...

to EMBODY and LIVE your...




Sandra Loftus

There are many things I love about working with Kirsten one of which is odd to explain. She seems to be psychic — she has a way of tuning in to what is going on with me in a way I can’t explain or didn’t even realize myself. It’s part of her professionalism and also the way she commits to her clients. She literally feels psychic to me. Sometimes we start calls and I’m not sure what we’re going to talk about and within a few minutes BOOM the point comes out, this is what we need to talk about. She brings it out of me. 

I love coaching with Kirsten, it is a fantastic experience. She has a way of being so real with you. I’ve known her now for a few years, we’ve been friends, and I thought it might be a bit odd to ask your friend to be your coach. But she is so professional, so insightful and really constructive. It’s made a huge difference with how I wake up in the morning. She always adds value and it’s an absolute pleasure.

I would highly recommend working with Kirsten if you have something you want to improve in your life.

Sandra Loftus
Bronwyn Douglas

I have known Kirsten for some time and have admired who she is as a person. She has a beautiful energy. She is a very compassionate and caring person. I needed someone who I could be comfortable talking to. I was concerned about opening up and being vulnerable. Then I thought it’s time to commit and I jumped in.

With Kirsten’s support, I’ve been able to achieve one of my long term goals of being to drive on the interstate. It’s opened up my world and it feels great knowing I have some really good experiences ahead of me. I don’t hesitate as much now because I have her in the back of my mind saying, “If not NOW, when?”

Being accountable to her is helping me achieve my weekly goals and it’s great to have her to bounce ideas off. It’s been wonderful to be supported by her.

I feel quite comfortable talking with her and I’ve grown a lot more compassion for myself as well. Work with Kirsten, just do it. If you’re not going to do it now — when are you going to change?!

Bronwyn Douglas
Lizzy Wilmarth

I’ve been working with Kirsten for a year and a half. The changes that I’ve noticed in my life are innumerable. I’ve changed what I do for work. I’ve changed how I walk around in the world. I’ve changed how I think about myself. I’ve changed way more than I ever thought was possible.

What I like best about working with Kirsten is how FUN she is and how much bigger she thinks about what’s possible for me — which was way bigger than what I’d hoped or dreamed would come next.

The most profound change from working with her is how I think about myself and how much more love I have for myself.

I would definitely recommend Kirsten’s program to anyone who’s considering it. She’s amazing, she inspires so many people and she can help you change your life in a way that you’re hoping it will change.

Lizzy Wilmarth
Jacqueline Fifield

I have been working with Kirsten for about 7 months, and my life has completely changed. I’ve made big moves towards the direction of my dreams, and I finally feel like I’m in a place where I am in alignment with my spirit.

I look back at who I was before working with her and think, “Who was that!? What was she so afraid of?” My friends and family keep telling me I’m a different person now. That they’re proud of who I’m becoming. (But more importantly, I’M proud of who I’m becoming!) She helped me to completely shift my mindset on life.

Kirsten is truly a delight to work with. She is unafraid to call you on your unhelpful thought processes and patterns in the name of your growth, and that is invaluable. She will have you committing to things you’re not necessarily comfortable with, but you’ll quickly learn that that is a GOOD thing— it’s how you evolve! She is incredibly supportive when times are hard, and when things are a little more light-hearted, she’s always up for a laugh. (And even better: she’s able to make me laugh even when things are hard!) I could not be more grateful for her. She is fiercely committed to her clients. If you feel moved to work with her, I highly encourage you to take the leap, and send her a message!

Jacqueline Fifield
Gary Drummond

Life Changing!!!

My journey for me to start working Kirsten actually started with a “Google” search. I was looking for techniques to assist with anxiety and I found a course by Kirsten called the “Digital Anxiety Pill” and it was amazing. From the get go, I started to feel better and the great thing was that when anxiety started to appear I had the tools to deal with the event.

The incredible thing is that as I started to get better my world stated to open and I knew that I needed to work with someone to assist me in finding my true potential. I knew deep down that this was to be Kirsten and so I absolutely jumped at the chance!!

From the very first session my life started to change. Dreams that never seemed to get achieved started to be ticked off the bucket list. In the 3rd week working with Kirsten I had an massive “Ah-ha” moment that has completely changed my direction in life and who I am as a person and I couldn’t be happier and incidentally my wife and kids are happier with the new me too!! If you have the “What If I could” thought but nothing seemed to come of it. Then working with Kirsten will most definitely help move you to towards a better you. I would highly recommend working with Kirsten. Drop her a message and take that first step to finding your true Potential!!

Gary Drummond
Kellie Sinnott

Within 6 weeks of working with Kirsten, my income increased by $30,000 per year and I got a promotion! She gave me practical tools that I could bring into my work life mixed with the spirituality that I needed. Kirsten’s energy is contagious & I can’t say enough about how much she inspires me to live life to the fullest and go big! I highly recommend Kirsten to anyone who needs a little extra pep in their step and interested in going bigger in their life.

Kellie Sinnott
Nik Thanedar

Amazing!!!! Getting more in tuned with myself. Overcoming fear, anxiety, and any obstacles that may be in my way. Becoming more fearless. Kirsten has an amazing ability to bring the real you to light. Her work is so inspiring. The best part of my week is my session with her. I come away feeling good. When you feel good, it’s the real you. I highly recommend working with Kirsten. She is the best. You won’t regret it.

Nik Thanedar
Michelle Mahlman

Working with Kirsten this year has been incredibly transformative and has exceeded my expectations. She has helped me to gain clarity and confidence in my career, provided me with new ideas for my work/life, and given me that extra push when I needed it most. I highly recommend working with Kirsten to anyone who is seeking guidance and accountability in the most loving and fun way possible. She rocks!

Michelle Mahlman
Jon Epstein

Transcend experience with cool, kind, kindred spirit. Kirsten is intuitive, thoughtful, passionate about her work and helping her clients. There’s a bit of magic at play with her. I’m not well-versed enough to articulate what occurs while discussing and exploring the essential elements of one’s life’s journey during a one-on-one session with her, but there have been many moments when I experienced “chills” running through my body. Best way I can describe it. If one is willing to do the work she gently suggests, one’s soul can soar away from suffering and towards freedom. Pretty cool.

Jon Epstein
Paige Sprincin

Working with Kirsten Johnson has changed the way I approach my business. Her coaching helped me discover a deeper level of confidence and helped me identify fears that were holding me back. She also she gave me tools that will allow me to continue improving in the future. Her enthusiasm is inspirational and I highly recommend her!

Paige Sprincin




To EMBODY and LIVE your...



Let's do this!