A 6 month group mentorship program for sober boss babes who want to re-ignite their confidence, fully express themselves and live their soul’s truth in business and in life.

WE START MAY 8th 2019!

Can you really create and live a life beyond your wildest dreams, a life based on owning and sharing your truth, all while being sober and feeling happy, joyous and free?

And can you make it your business?

Imagine traveling the world inspiring people with your message in a business where you’re standing in your power, living your soul’s purpose and fully expressing yourself while empowering others. All this and more is possible for you.

Our 6 month group mentorship program for sober boss babes who want to unapologetically express themselves in their business and in life.

  • You’re sober, getting smacked around by anxiety and wonder where the fakk your pre-sobriety confidence went and how to get it back.
  • You reach for things like food, television, work, internet or attention from men/women to numb your feels then later feel badly about it.
  • You’re dying to use your voice, you know you’re meant to, but can’t seem to speak your truth and are afraid to be SEEN which gnaws away at you because you know you’re here to help people in a major way — you’ve felt the calling for a long time now!
  • You tend to feel isolated or lost which feels weird to you because you weren’t really this way before getting sober. And nobody would guess that YOU, miss “I have my shit together,” is secretly freaking out inside which only adds to your feeling of being alone.
  • You people please and play small because you fear being judged, criticized or that you don’t know what you’re doing so you don’t dare risk owning your soul’s truth and creating on the outside what you know you were born for.
  • Your confidence back — you were 100% you 100% of the time and had the ability to place and hold boundaries, giving zero fakks about what people think of you, while honoring your heart and spirit in all areas of your life.
  • Courage to speak your truth — to inspire people with your message in books, blogs, on YouTube, to share your truth live on Facebook, coach people to live their best lives or run workshops and retreats around the world.
  • Rock solid emotional sobriety — know how to met your feels in the moment — like fear, doubt, guilt, shame, grief — so that you could use them for your soul’s evolution while dropping secondary addictions like food, attention, isolation, perfectionism, Netflix and toxic relationships..  
  • The ability to be YOU — to be connected AF to your spirit and to a loving Higher Power while living your soul’s purpose in your business, to be a light worker and shine your light while inspiring others to do the same.
  • Sensitivity as your super power — you transformed your sensitivity from a burden to the spiritual gift that it is, using it for your evolution.

Did you just blink twice to make sure you didn’t hallucinate all the awesomeness you just read? I’m living proof that all this and more really truly is possible.

I help sober babes reignite their confidence and align with their soul purpose so that they can unapologetically express themselves in their business and in life.

Since I got sober in 2009 and embarked on a journey of radical transformation, including launching my coaching business in 2012 and becoming a digital nomad in 2014, I’ve seen the same patterns arise in what holds us back and in what breaks us free. 

I created this 6 month group mentorship experience to help sober boss babes like you break free too!

We go on a transformative journey starting with the head where we calm anxiety and rewire the brain to a peaceful and giving zero fucks place.

Then we dive into the heart and release old emotional experiences and gain the ability for rock solid emotional sobriety enabling us to respond to our emotional world instead of react. Here we learn how to shed secondary addictions, address unresolved grief, uproot shame, and transform guilt while boundary-ing up like a mofo. We learn how to radically love and accept ourselves.

Next we move to our spirit. Here we learn how to fully believe in ourselves, use our sensitivity as a gift, strengthen our intuition and connect with a loving Higher Power. Then we get clear on our message for the world and gain the skills to use our voice and speak our truth including in a soul aligned business. We learn how to unapologetically express ourselves.

This program is designed to give you a solid inner foundation for building or growing a  business based on being YOU and sharing your story to inspire and empower others.


Without the proper inner foundation no outer strategies will hold.


So we dive deep, uproot and remove what’s been holding you back then set up the fertile inner soil for the authentic you to grow and bloom. We work on transforming your mind and emotions then uncover your spirit and develop your voice.

I am loving being in your Rocket Your Recovery program... I love the videos and the audios and that I can go back to them at any time, I love the little challenges you set, either during the calls or on the video.

I have grown to love myself so much more than I ever believed I could.

I can truly look in the mirror now and say it without cringing. My biggest growth apart from that is the dialog change, I am looking at the can’s not the cant’s now, and when I do I catch myself straight away.

I am handling my physical pain in a way I never believed I could, and realising when that pain is attached to an emotion. I am now allowing myself to feel.

I am helping those I am sponsoring in a different way and seeing a different growth, more positive growth in them, watching them become self empowered is an honour.

This program is designed to transform you into your next evolution so that you have the inner foundation to create a business based on being you while inspiring and empowering others.


Module 1 — Giving Zero Fucks


First things first we start with your mind to lay the solid foundation down for your radical transformation. You’ll get practical strategies and tools that will enable you to become the master of your thoughts so that you can transform anxiety and doubt into self empowerment and mental freedom.


You’ll learn how to drop fear and caring about what people think about you so that you can be 100% you 100% of the time.


Next you’ll learn exactly what to do with your mind when you are triggered, and the neuroscience behind it, so that you can transform obsessive and critical thinking into peace of mind and feeling perfectly at ease. You’ll also emerge with an increased ability to focus and concentrate.


Module 2 —  Emotional Sobriety


Next you’ll learn how to be an emotional sobriety ninja with a blackbelt in boundaries. This means you’ll know exactly what to do when big emotions hit (think anger, fear, overwhelm, pity..) so that you can go from being reactive and emotionally drained to the conscious creator of your dreams.


You’ll learn how to transform and release toxic relationship including dating emotionally unavailable people or narcissists so that you can evolve to healthier romance. You’ll also learn how to use relationships, especially romantic ones, for your evolution and empowerment (instead of victimhood).


You’ll be given a roadmap to healing complex post traumatic stress and childhood trauma so that you understand the process while you’re in the deep dive healing. You’ll also learn how to transform the burden of being sensitive into the spiritual gift that it is.


Module 3 — Uprooting Shame


Next we dive straight to the core of your healing to uproot shame once and for all. No more believing you’re not good enough, something’s wrong with you, you’re flawed or unlovable.


You’ll crack the core of what’s driving your compulsive behaviors and secondary addictions like food, shopping, television, attention seeking, achievement, perfectionism… allowing you to break free from the bondage of them.


You’ll get guilt and people pleasing out of the driver seat of your life so that it no longer has you doing things you don’t want to do in relationships, work and all areas of life. This means you’ll develop rock solid boundaries and next level strategies to hold those boundaries in place.


You’ll let go of approval seeking, needing validation, and feeling like a fraud so you can get a deeper embodiment of giving zero fucks. You’ll also learn how to eliminate self-doubt and trust issues including trusting yourself so that you can see your true value, feel your worthiness and slay your way to a life beyond your wildest dreams.


Module 4 — Radical Self Love


Now we’ll transform deeper aspects of yourself resulting in massive shifts in your confidence and self love. You’ll learns how to truly love yourself and gain tools to unlock your full potential through self love.

You’ll learn how to love and be loved without judgement — including how to feel love, give love and receive love. We’ll also cover how to drop loneliness for good.


You’ll experience a dive into the potent and transformative emotions of sadness and grief so that you free your spirit from old trauma, wounds and hurts allowing you to fully open up to life.


Then you’ll raise the bar on what you want and create a new vision for your life from this elevated space.


Module 5 — Spirit and the 4th Dimension


Next you’ll be strengthening your intuition, faith and reliance upon a loving Higher Power. You’ll learn practical strategies to grow closer to your higher power, including feeling God and what God’s will for you is. You’ll learn game changing techniques for keeping your mind, emotions and actions aligned with your soul goals. No more getting distracted and losing hours or days to emotions or obsessive thinking.


We’ll explore what it means to live in the expansive fourth dimension, co-creating with Spirit, and exactly how to live from that elevated and abundant space. You’ll also learn how to use surrender as your super power and to trust your gut no matter what.


Module 6 — Speaking Your Truth


Now that your mind, emotions and spirit are aligned with who you really are and what you want to create, you’ll learn how to speak your truth.


We start with clarity on your soul’s message. You’ll see how your “mess” can be your message and you’ll create a draft of your heart filled and soul aligned message.


Next you’ll learn practical strategies to overcome speaking anxiety and speaking nerves. You’ll learn a method to embody your message so that when you share it on stage — whether the stage an actual stage, leading a workshop, Facebook live, within your circle of friends or in your recovery community — you know it in your cells. You’ll also learn how to own the stage, bringing all of you to your message in your own unique way.


We’ll also cover how to speak your truth within relationships, even when it’s difficult, so that you can get your message out with a greater possibility of being heard. Then we’ll explore some of your blindspots and how to have a breakthrough with speaking your truth to yourself in those areas of your life.

The program is designed so that you emerge full of confidence while unapologetically expressing yourself in your business and life.

  • 18 intimate group mentorship calls (3 per module)
  • Video and audio content for each of the 6 modules
  • Tribe of sober boss babes where you can be seen, heard and supported
  • Online community with access to the tribe and me between calls

When enrolling you’ll receive Digital Anxiety Pill, my potent and compact video + audio program as a BONUS, so that you can immediately being the process of rewiring your brain to live fully expressed in your soul’s purpose.

Rocket Your Recovery into the Fourth Dimension is for sober boss babes who want to:

  • Gain a solid inner foundation to launch and grow a soul aligned business from
  • Speak their truth and share their story to create a massive impact in the lives of others
  • Be in a community of like-minded sober babes to rise up into their potential with
  • Learn how to heal from past trauma, dysfunctional childhoods and toxic relationships
  • Radically love and accept themselves and others
  • Connect with a loving Higher Power while living their soul’s purpose and truth

Rocket Your Recovery into the Fourth Dimension is not for:

  • People in active primary addictions (alcohol, drugs)
  • A replacement of the 12 steps
  • For those unwilling to change, grow and do the work

I am so excited for you, your transformation and the soul aligned work you are bringing into the world. No more allowing fear to keep you playing small.

It’s time to break free, develop solid SOBER confidence and start living the life you know you were born to live.

I look forward to serving you.

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