It’s YOU!

You are the only thing that can stop you.
You are the only one who can decided to do stuff that doesn’t light you up.
You are the only one who can avoid getting clear on what brings meaning to your life.

So STOP! Stop stopping yourself.

Stop blaming other people.
Stop waiting for an imagined future situation to manifest.
Stop kidding yourself that it’s something other than you.

Stop prioritizing the shit that doesn’t matter!

The only way you’ll get to where you wanna be is to go direct.

Do the thing you wanna do.
Do it now.
Keep doing it.

Really wanted to share this message with you so shot you a quick vid from the pool today in Bali, you’ve got to check it out:

You wanna paint? Paint!
You wanna write? Write!
You wanna start your own biz? Do it.

Get clear on what you want and TAKE ACTION.

Any action.
Just step toward what you say you want.
Only then will it happen.

Only when you do what you say you wanna do will you be doing what you say you wanna do.


So do it.
Do it now.

Comment below what you wanna do (your dream goal baby) and the bullshit excuse that’s been holding you back.

The excuse you are going to drop today.

Do it. Do it now 😉