The "elephant" that was in the room of my story, the one that blocked my life force and was slowly killing me through alcohol and anxiety disorders is the elephant of childhood sexual abuse.  If you've got an elephant in your story, you may find value in these videos, in the healing steps I outline below and in our online community The Elephant Heard.

Looking at my own healing journey and of the beautiful souls that I've had the honor to coach 1 on 1, I've seen six important steps in the healing process.


1: Waking up out of denial.

2: Speaking up. We need to tell someone what happened.  Our elephant needs to be heard.

3: Learn and practice tools to deactivate our nervous system's triggers and PTSD.

4: Assess the trauma and losses so that we can heal them.  We can connect the dots through journaling or with a therapist or coach.

5: Next we need to feel - for some of us this means learning how to feel.  Grieving our losses from the trauma is a necessary step in the recovery process.

6: Believe!  We thrive in empowered lives by radically accepting ourselves, whole heartedly loving ourselves and through believing in ourselves.


Start NOW!  You can join us in our private Facebook group here The Elephant Heard.  Feel free to introduce yourself, share a bit of your story if you feel comfortable (let your elephant be heard!), share what's worked for you on your healing journey or inspire us. 

Time to RISE UP together!

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