Toxic shame – what is it? And…

How do you know if YOU have toxic shame?

Toxic shame is deeply internalized shame.  And shame is essentially believing something is wrong with us.  So guilt is what I did was bad and shame is I am bad.

When we grow up in alcoholic or dysfunctional homes we tend to get shamed to the point of internalizing a shame based core.  So buried deep down we believe – often unconsciously – that we are not good enough, a fraud, unlovable or that something is fundamentally wrong with us.

How could you possibly be unlovable?

This is bullshit.

You are lovable.

There is NOTHING wrong with you.

You don’t have to believe these obvious lies anymore.  You can wake up.  You can heal.



If you are an alcoholic, addict, codependent, perfectionist… It’s likely that you’ve got it.

But I got you babe.  Here’s my blog on how to heal toxic shame.

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Love Kirsten